Why Activated Charcoal Is Best Teeth Whitener

Activated Charcoal is a sooty jet black powder which has been used for thousands of years. It is a traditional ancient medicine and its use was first recorded in 1550 BC. It is a powerful antidote which has the capability to adsorb organic chemicals, poisons, and toxins to prevent the harm it can cause to the body. It is not the same thing like charcoal for grill or the charred wood from the fire. So, you must not try to make it on your own.

How activated charcoal is made and why it is ideal for teeth whitening?

Activated charcoal is made of some type of substance like, wood, coal, bamboo or coconut shell charcoal that is burned to create char. It is burnt without oxygen and in the activation process char is heated on a high temperature. It is exposed to some types of gases using a multi-step process to make the charcoal greatly porous.

After the activation process, the surface area of the molecules can bind to any substance in a powerful way. This is the process of adsorption which is usually confused with absorption. However, this adsorption process makes activated charcoal a very powerful product. A high quality activated charcoal is tasteless, odorless and nontoxic.

Therefore, it is the best natural teeth whitener which helps to keep your teeth pearly white.


It removes substances which cause stains:

The properties of activated charcoal are beneficial for removing harmful substances not just from digestive track, but from teeth as well. It will not neutralize the toxins but binds it to the surface so the bacteria, dirt, etc. are removed from the mouth. It is so powerful that it even binds to the substances responsible for causing stains, yellow patches, etc. It helps to whiten the teeth in a few uses.


It absorbs impurities and simple to use:

Activated charcoal is a purifying agent that adsorbs impurities and using it is extremely simple. You can either purchase it in the form of capsule or tablet, a toothpaste or powdered form. You just need to break the capsule and use the powder. If it is a tablet, you would need to crush it so you can make a fine powder. Apply it on the toothbrush and brush your teeth in a normal way. You can also purchase an activated charcoal toothpaste or powder which comes in a readymade form. Then, all you have to do is apply it on the toothbrush and start brushing.


Fast results:

You will notice the difference in the appearance of your teeth within a week. However, for satisfying results, you must use the best charcoal teeth whitener for a month or two, twice a day. You will see wonderful results in a short span of time. You can easily get that gleaming smile without any worries.


It is natural and fights against different teeth problems:

It is 100 percent natural and organic. It also fights against different teeth problems like plaque, bad breath, tooth decay, gingivitis. It is risk-free and safe for sensitive teeth. It removes stains without scratching the teeth.


Things to keep in mind:

When you buy natural teeth whitener like activated charcoal powder or toothpaste then you must invest in a good company. A high-quality charcoal powder or toothpaste will not be abrasive. Choose a reputed company that has good reviews so you can be sure that activated charcoal product is made using natural ingredients.

You must also avoid using too much force while brushing and use a brush with soft bristles. It will help to protect the tooth enamel so you can maintain a healthy smile.


So, purchase the best-activated charcoal teeth whitening powder or toothpaste from a legitimate company and get that gleaming smile within a few months.

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