Remove Stain With Activated Charcoal

How To Get Rid Of Brown Stains On Teeth?

When it comes to beauty, the modern day and age has taken a heavy toll on the way we have come to perceive beauty. Mainly because of a lot of high level competition and modern day lifestyle, the way one defines a person to be beautiful has come under a very minute scrutiny.

This is why trying to look beautiful is even more of a challenge now than it was some decades back. This is why we all need to pay attention to small things that may seem very small but are actually very crucial when it comes to looking beautiful without any flaws.

Teeth as a part of attire of beauty:

This may seem not a very big deal but our teeth are in fact a very major thing when it comes to looking beautiful. We often hear people complimenting that someone has a beautiful smile. This smile being beautiful is only possible because of their teeth. How? This is because white teeth are extremely pleasant and gives a naturally beautiful look to any individual. It instantly transforms the look no matter what other factors seem to appear or stand.

Personality is also a major point where beauty of a person is determined. Personality comes from confidence on oneself. This is where a good set of white teeth plays an important role. A radiant and dazzling smile never fails to impress the onlooker. This naturally gives a big boost of confidence and greatly helps to improve someone’s personality. The confidence of a person with a perfect set of teeth is just incomparable when it comes to their beauty.

Why do we need to take care of our teeth?

Human teeth are covered with the hardest material in the human body – the enamel. But why do we still need to take care of our teeth and why do teeth become damaged? This is because our teeth undergo lot of strain and pressure upon them. When we eat, our teeth come in contact with a variety of acids contained in food, known as food acids.

While these acids are harmless when it comes to the health of our body, and even in some cases, essential, these acids do quite a lot of damage to our teeth by eroding the enamel and exposing the yellowish dentine. Added to that, chewing things like tobacco causes a lot of damage, as they leave behind stains that are hard to remove.

While dissolving the enamel and making it thin are done by food acids, other factors too come into play when talking about the proper health of our teeth. Every now and then, whenever we have to open a wrapper or break something hard, we use our teeth to do it. This may not seem much at that time but this is a major process by which we end up damaging our teeth. All these factors results in brown staining of teeth.

Taking daily care of our teeth:

Taking care of our teeth is a job which comes with a lot of responsibility. It is a tough task but if it is done properly, it really pays off.

  • Firstly, brushing of teeth must be done regularly and always twice a day. This ensures that our teeth always remain free of acid reactions and bacteria build up which in turn reduces cavity and brown stains.
  • Secondly, flossing regularly helps to remove food particles from places where toothbrush cannot reach. These are the main culprits behind brown stains left behind. Careful flossing is a must if this is to be avoided.
  • Thirdly, visiting your dentist for a regular check-up is highly recommended as it reduces the chances of any major damage and prevents a permanent one.

If these are not followed, brown staining of teeth is imminent.

How to use activated charcoal powder:

One of the most successful things that have been used to remove brown stains from teeth is activated charcoal powder. This new trend has become very popular and rightly so because activated charcoal powder for teeth has been producing awesome results.

The benefits of brushing teeth with charcoal is very obvious as it removes yellowish and brown stains from teeth very easily without a lot of effort and without spending big bucks. Thus, charcoal powder is highly recommended if you want to have some nice shiny white teeth.

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