Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal For Your Teeth – User Review

When I first heard about activated charcoal, I was not convinced, and why not? Who can think that a black substance can make your teeth white? It’s a scam and that’s what I said when my friend told me about her teeth whitening secret.

I used to smoke a lot and when I stopped smoking, I was so disturbed about my teeth issues. Smiling confidently was a sin. I also had cavities and plaque. Being a woman you can’t afford to have bad teeth especially if you are a receptionist like me,  or in any other hospitality or entertainment profession.

Pearl white teeth add appeal to your overall beauty. So, after listening to my friend, I thought I would give it a try. I purchased activated charcoal for teeth and what I experienced after two months was so wonderful. I was speechless and today I can confidently say that activated charcoal is not a scam. I have been using this for two months now.

Activated charcoal is not a scam:

A lot of people say that activated charcoal is not good for teeth and there is a reason for it. Dentists do not prescribe it. They claim that activated charcoal is prone to enamel deterioration and tooth erosion. It is because they say that charcoal products are not tested. However, renowned companies make tested products and they only offer 100% safe and natural teeth whitening charcoal products which won’t harm you any way.

A lot of studies have showcased the benefits of charcoal too. Charcoal helps to treat a lot of problems like drug overdose, high cholesterol, a condition of pregnancy in which the bile flow is affected, and many other health issues. It is ideal for skin. It works like your skin doctor and gives you a beautiful, glowing look. Even your hair can be treated with charcoal.


Activated Charcoal Review By Users:

I was also a little skeptical about using the charcoal product two months back and I wanted to do my research well. Therefore, I checked some user reviews to understand the authenticity of the product. Everyone said that charcoal to whiten teeth can be made at home too and it will give good results as well. But, if you buy the activated charcoal powder from a renowned company, then you will get pure charcoal whitening products that are safe to use. The companies also add other natural ingredients like peppermint oil and bentonite Clay for cleansing,  so the charcoal powder can work more quickly and effectively.  Therefore, I decided to purchase the product.


Some precautions need to be taken when using charcoal products. I kept that in mind and the precautions that I took are:

If you have allergies to foods, medicines and substances, then do not use charcoal. In case you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy and taking any prescribed or non prescribed medicine, supplement, etc. then refrain from using charcoal products.

So, I decided to buy charcoal to whiten teeth after all my research and in 1 month I got great results. I even noticed changes after the first week. My teeth have become whiter, there are no cavities or plaque and my teeth feel much stronger. I can smile with confidence. First time when I used the charcoal powder I could see a big difference. My teeth looked better and my breath was also improved. After using charcoal for cleaning the teeth, I used my normal toothpaste. And I was good to go.

Teeth cleaning with charcoal powder at least twice a day are good. You can use it till the time you want and find the results to be great each time. There is not much of a taste but the results are very encouraging.

It is a better option that whitening strips. Whitening strips are very expensive and applying them is not so easy. More so, you need to wait for a long time to see effective results. Well, with charcoal the process is quick and easy. Though when you clean with it, your look may seem a little dirty, but when you are done with the process of teeth cleaning, you will understand that it is worth it.

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