Do you know how powerful your smile is?

Teeth Bright loves all things organic and we love seeing healthy white smiles. Teeth Bright is a 100% Australian owned company in Brisbane, Australia. Our mission is to provide the world with the best Organic Activated Charcoal for teeth whitening.

All natural and free of any nasty chemicals, not tested on animals, our products will help you maintain a healthy mouth while giving you a brighter smile!


How does it work?

Teeth Bright’s Activated  Charcoal is made from 100% organic coconut husks, with a hint on peppermint oil and bentonite clay. The ultra fine charcoal powder will whiten your teeth, polish your teeth without damaging enamel, absorb toxins, cleanse, effectively remove plaque, stubborn stains and discolouration over time, prevent tooth decay, eliminate bad bacteria, freshen breath and maintain healthy oral pH levels.

How to use:

We recommend to use our Activated Charcoal twicer per day, by wetting our bamboo brush and dipping it into the activated charcoal and brushing for 2-3 minutes. It is then recommended to brush again with normal tooth paste to remove any residue.

Continue this processs for up to 2 weeks or until you see desired results. Activated Charcoal can then be used on a weekly basis to maintain the cleanliness and whiteness of your teeth.